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Carlos Huber with marble sculpture in background

A Celebration of Scent

 St. Regis Influencer: Perfumer Carlos Huber

Mexican-born and New York-based Carlos Huber is a fragrance architect who has collaborated with St. Regis on a signature scent influenced by founder Caroline Astor. His company ARQUISTE Parfumeur designs scents around a story, so that each note within a fragrance resonates with his clients. We sat down with Carlos to understand how scent plays a pivotal role on your wedding day, and why it is worth considering bespoke notes that will last forever.

Why should I create a bespoke fragrance for my wedding?
More than any other sense, smell is linked to memory. A bespoke wedding fragrance will transport you back to one of the most important days of your life with a single spritz. Perfume can also create a reaction almost like a vibration. It can excite, remind or attract you to something that’s beyond rational explanation. To be able to share this with your friends and family is very special. You can learn more about my bespoke process at arquiste.com.

What should I consider when commissioning a bespoke fragrance?
Fragrance is a very personal thing, so go to a perfume shop and start smelling scents with your partner. Make notes of fragrances you both like and the exact notes that are in those fragrances. Location, time of year and theme are also important components to consider. For example, if your wedding is at the height of Punta Mita’s summer, I wouldn’t recommend deep, heavy scents like amber.

What notes would be a good starting point for beginners?
The first notes that comes to mind are fresh, white floral scents, like orange blossom, plumeria and jasmine. Greener floral notes like hyacinth, lilac and rose are popular too. Ignore gender and focus on notes that resonate with both of you – a California wedding in an orange grove may inspire citrus notes like mandarin, bergamot or lemon, for example. You’ll find the right fragrance for your special day without worrying about details you think are important.

How much of the scent should I commission?
Consider the size of your wedding and how obvious you want the scent to be. Light, floral notes will need generous spritzes, unlike heavier ones. I think it is also lovely to give the wedding party the scent as a keepsake – it’s far more original than other table favors.

Should I consider candles too?
Yes. No artificial light can recreate the glow of a beautiful scented candle. The way it looks and smells sets a tone that, to me, is the very essence of romance. I couldn’t imagine not having them at a wedding.